The Selling of Handmade Soap as a Fundraiser

Selling Handmade Soap as a Fundraiser

There are many reasons why people sell items as a fundraiser. The problem though is that it is often the same items again and again. People stop buying so much or at all when it is the same candy, magazines, and other items that they have seen before. Try something different, and boost those sales! Selling handmade soap as a fundraiser can be exciting and it can generate plenty of money for the cause.

Crunch the Numbers on Organic Soap

Spend some time sitting down to go over all of the numbers involved. It is recommended that you sell, and then you make. Crunch the numbers involved with the advertising and the cost of supplies based on current figures. That will help you to determine your selling price so that you make a profit on your organic soap.

Advertise your Natural Soap

You can create your own advertising materials when you offer handmade soap as a fundraiser. Make sure the information states what the funds will be used for. Many people enjoy helping community groups or a charitable cause. They should also be able to see the types of handmade soaps you offer and the pricing. Offer some information about the benefits of handmade soap too.

You can use your computer to create advertising materials. Make sure everyone that will be involved in the fundraiser has those materials. As an additional incentive, offer some types of rewards for those that sell a certain number of units. Social media can also be used to generate sales. Create a Facebook page where they can see the handmade soap fundraiser materials too.

Take Orders

Along with the advertising information, there should be a way for the orders to be collected. Create a simple spreadsheet form that includes a place for the customer name, address, phone number, and then the different items they can order. They can enter the quantity in the box . You will have to decide if you want money to be collected at the time of order, at the time of delivery, or either. It is recommended you collect at the time of order.

Buy Supplies for your Homemade Soap

You should have an established begin and end date for taking orders. Once that end date arrives, you can tally up your orders for the handmade soap. You can then buy supplies and get started with making them. If you have a large amount of orders, buy supplies in bulk form so that you can save on those overhead costs.


Create Handmade Soaps

The fun part of selling handmade soaps as a fundraiser is actually getting to make them. If you have lots of orders, you may need to get plenty of people involved in doing so. Make sure recipes are carefully followed and that all of the supplies needed are on hand. The soaps will need to be carefully wrapped.

Deliver your Homemade Soap

Once the handmade soaps are packaged, they can be separated according to the person that sold them. They will be responsible for delivering them. If you have taken orders online, you may have some you now need to ship.