Getting help from a Miami Clinical Psychologist

Once you go through the assessment process and the sessions start, your Miami clinical psychologist may ask you to consider taking pharmaceuticals. This can help if you are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. The medications will be used along with the clinical psychologist to help you make improvements

If the decision is made that you need to take medications along with therapy in Miami, they will choose the one they feel is best for your needs. Everyone responds differently to medication so they will give you the lowest dose to start with. If you need more of it, they will bump it up at intervals. The higher the dose, the more risk you have of side effects so you want to take only what you need to.

This can be frustrating but you need to be patient and give it time. Report any side effects and if you do feel better. It may be necessary to try more than one pill before the right one for you is found. If you start to feel much better with medication, don’t be tempted to stop it. You need to continue it for as long as your clinical psychologist says.

Make sure you disclose any other drugs you are taking to your Miami clinical psychologist. This includes over the counter products, herbal products, and prescription. Not all of them will interact well so they need to know what you are using. If you start taking any pill after you are on something they prescribed, tell them. You should also tell your doctor so they can watch for negative interactions as well.

If you find the side effects are harsh or they don’t go away after a few weeks of use, let your MIami clinical psychologist know. You may need to be switched to a different stuff that works for you but doesn’t have the same negative effects on you. Communication is essential when you are taking pharmaceuticals for your overall concerns in Miami. Talk to your clinical psychologist and let them know what you need and what isn’t working out well for you.

On the other side of the coin, tell your clinical psychologist what is working very well for you. Once the capsules start to work and offer benefits, it is going to be very encouraging to continue using them. The chemicals in the brain can be improved with some medications and that is why your mood can feel better and your anxiety can be lessened.

Some patients will do best if they continue to use ongoing in their life. For others, they can stop using the pharms once they progress far enough in the therapy. Talk to your Miami clinical psychologist about what they recommend and follow what they tell you. If they recommend ongoing, stopping them can result in issues developing for you to deal with.