Finding the Wilkes Barre Child Custody Lawyer to Help

When your child gets into trouble with you it is up to you how they will be punished. When they get into legal trouble though, it is a completely different situation. You may have consequences for them at home due to the situation, but in the end you have to really focus on the legal issues and what will happen.

The outcome of the child custody can affect your child’s entire future in Wilkes Barre. If they are tried as an adult, it will stay on their criminal record. It can prevent them from getting into a college of their choice, scholarships, and many jobs. As a result, you want it to be a juvenile offense so it won’t show up after they are an adult. You also want the punishment for the act to be fitting as a deterrent.

This can range from a fine and probation to a reform school. It all depends on the child and what they were involved with. Typically, if they are doing well in school and have some community involvement the law is going to be more lenient on them. They will deem it as a mistake and do what they can to help them get back on the right track. They may have to go to counseling and other classes such as for anger management.

If the child custody was involved in a drug or alcohol related crime, there may be more desperate circumstances in place. The Wilkes Barre child custody lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped if the child successfully completes a rehab program that is accepted by the courts. This would prove to be more effective than just punishing them for their actions.

There are WIlkes Barre child custody lawyer is out there that focus specifically on the cases involving youth. Find out who is available in your area and the types of cases they have successfully handled. Find out if they often get the charges dropped, accept plea bargains, or if they go to trial. If they go to trial, what is their success rate of winning?

Your child should have some say in who represents them, but overall it will be a parental decisions. It will be up to you to hire them and to ensure they have the right information. Legally, you will be responsible to show up at all court hearings with your child. It can be very scary for the entire household with such events unfolding in Wilkes Barre.

The right Wilkes Barre child custody lawyer can help you feel like you have someone listening. It can help you to get through the tough times and to turn the situation into a learning experience for all involved. You may not be able to make the situation go away, but you can get help to reduce the overall impact it will have. You want your child to still have the chance at a great future. This one incident shouldn’t take that out of their reach.