Welcome to the homepage of the Cywn.com Network of America.  We’ll be utilizing our platform to advertise different businesses and articles that we feel will help our readers.    We believe that the companies features on Cywn.com will be of great use to the majority of our users.  Check back often for new updates from the Cywn Network of America!cywn.com is a news site that is posting and discussing all about advertising news and businesses in the industry. We go beyond the advertisements in the magazines and post real interviews with the minds behind the ads. Learn where they get their creativity from and how they portray it in their advertisements for the world to see. See which ones they hated and loved the most and which they hold dear to their hearts. We live in a world where we are exposed to advertisements daily. Approximately 500, the average person is exposed to. How much of your brain really retains any of them? At cywn.com as a news site we post about the behind the scenes of the ad world and take a deeper look into the brain. We search for answers and research just how an ad has an effect on the brain of different age groups. Do we really remember everything that we see? Does our subconscious? Are there certain words that our brain responds to more than others? Are these studies and information that the ad world uses and already knows? Find out here at cywn.com as your news source to go deep into the depths of advertisements. Share your thoughts and how they have had made an impact on you and your life. Have you ever purchased something because you thought you needed it? Was it because of an ad? Have you ever truly thought about it? In a world where all we want is MORE. Are ads to blame? cywn.com gets down to the answers you are seeking and will post information regarding all information related to these topics. We offer a large user base at cywn.com and have added additional connections throughout the years to help us gain a wider range of research! Explore with us today!